You Can Change Agriculture Today!

 Our new heating technology takes free solar heat captured in the summer and stores it in a climate battery to be used in the winter providing a warm year-round greenhouse growing environment. Many different forms of this technology already exist, Locaproduce's patent pending advantage is we can build these greenhouses at about 1/10 the cost of other commercial growing buildings. Low overhead and free heat allows for rapid expansion in a wide open massive market craving fresh local natural produce.

Timing is the most essential ingredient of any startup and the demand for local produce in northern cities like Winnipeg has never been higher, with little to no compitation for 6 months of the year. The market is ripe for this innovation with potential for rapid exponential growth.

We are offering shares in the startup company Locaproduce. Simply put, we need to build a prototype greenhouse and show it works through the winter in our Manitoba climate. After that, we plan to borrow to build 10 greenhouses, adding more every year with profit and business loans growing as fast as possible to capture as much of this market as quickly as possible.

Forget about how this changes the quality of food we buy at the supermarket. Forget about how this eliminates the need for chemicals and GMOs. Forget about how this supports local jobs. Sure we do all that, but this is about money. The potential for return on invested capital here isn't percentages, it's multiples.

Seed Investment Seminar for interested Investors. $5000 min.

You will be required to sign a non-nisclosure document regarding this patented technology.

April 20, 2017

Contact Scott at (204) 898-1841  or  email:   to attend.


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