Seed Investment



4 Season




Huge demand for local produce at great prices. 
Hundred million plus sales growth potential.
No substantial local 4 season competition
Patent allows for licensing as well

What are you investing in?

Commercial produce company using new technology
Patent to protect use of this technology

Why not Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is for companies that are selling a product direct to the consumer, Locaproduce is designed to sell to grocery stores, restaurants and wholesalers in volume. Kickstarter does not allow the sale of shares in a company. 

Why this technology?

The advantage to this greenhouse technology is it’s cheap to build AND it provides free heat.

Who are the competitors?

Either trucked in chemically ripened produce from the USA, Mexico, or South America 
Or local greenhouses that cost 5-10X more to build and have massive heating costs
Or local warehouses that use artificial light and hydroponic chemicals to grow frankenfood

What is the business plan?

Build prototype greenhouse, run though one winter then finance building 10 greenhouses.
This model allows for 1-2 year payoff of all capital investment on a greenhouse so expansion can be exponential quickly. We already have stores lined up willing to take our produce, and most small grocery stores we have spoken too are excited and want to get a better local product at affordable prices.

What kind of return can I expect and when?

The seed investment is needed to build the prototype.
The prototype will be used to test multiple crops to get the best returns.
Real revenue comes from building the first 10 greenhouses.
If the company value of one greenhouse is 3X gross revenue, expect 10X that for 10 greenhouses, 50x for 50.
The terms will allow for guaranteed buyout options at 10 and 50 greenhouses at 3X gross revenue from revenue, or you can keep equity as the company grows. Dividends won’t be paid out till 50 greenhouses are reached to maximize company growth as fast as possible. It’s possible this company could be bought out by a large AG company for 10X gross revenue or more.

How long till 10 greenhouses?

The prototype has to work through one winter. That’s about a year. Then financing and construction can begin on 10 greenhouses. With construction time they may not be able to charge the heat battery properly the first year, so  Reasonably Expect about 3-4 years for 10 greenhouses to be operational from today. It may be as quick as 2-3 years.

I want to know more about this technology?

Come to the seminar, there you can sign a legal non-disclosure and all technical details and research will be discussed.

This can change agriculture in northern climates as we know it.
Profitably grow produce year round in Manitoba.

Which tomato would you buy for the same price, one trucked in chemically ripened and woody from Mexico or a locally grown vine ripened tomato? This greenhouse can grow almost anything 4 seasons in Manitoba.

Few opportunities for a seed investment ever come up that have this kind of exponential growth potential.